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Kabaret Recap: “Misread Signals”

December 4, 2009

Another successful Kabaret as come and gone, and now as we head into a few months of hibernation and organizational regrouping, we here at Wis-Kino wanted to leave you all with a taste of the films made in just 48 hours for this most recent of our events.

First up, it’s “Rake of the Living Dead” by Nicholas Wootton, who put an autumnal spin on the ol’ zombie flick.

If you made a film for this Kabaret and it’s available online, please drop us a line to let us know so we can include it in an upcoming post! And thanks again to everyone who watched and/or participated in Wis-Kino this year. It’s been a blast. Look for lots of important news about next year coming soon.


Spring Kabaret gets bailed out

March 24, 2009

The Wis-Kino Spring Kabaret ’09 has come and gone, but never fear! If you missed this one, or simply cannot get enough of great, short movie-making, come back and check out our 3 day long Summer Kabaret this July 16 – 19. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to work with more than one crew of people on more than one film, or to spend a little extra time on just one project. We’re also hoping to have an official Kino Lab set up for those people who want a central place to meet and edit, etc. (and if you don’t have your own editing gear).

The Spring Kabaret was a smashing success, though, with a packed house greeting both the kick-off and final screenings of the event! Thanks to everyone who came out just to watch, and especially to those brave souls who made a film in just 48 hours! The following is the list of those shorts screened on Sunday:

Thanks, too, go to the Decider (specifically Scott Gordon) for giving the Kabaret a nice write-up.


Life IS a Kabaret, old chum

November 24, 2008

Greetings all!

This weekend’s Wis-Kino Kabaret was a smashing success! We saw 10 really great films in the plush, lovely Theatre #2 at Sundance, and had just shy of 60 people in attendance. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you (and hopefully even more folks) in the spring!

And a rundown of the films that were screened (in no particular order):
“Drill, Baby, Drill!” by Rob Matsushita, Nick Drake, and Emily Mills
“Krafty, Kino, Kook” by Roger Bindl
“Mr. Nolen’s Change” by Shaheen Izadi
“Man vs. Wilderness” by Kathy Fischer
“Richard P. Holt” by Justin & Kate Sprecher
“Change” by Tony Mayer & Craig Knitt
“Change Your Order” by Craig Knitt & Tony Mayer
“Clean Up” by RASH Films
“RASH Notes: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by RASH Films
“Fall Back” by Heidi Johnson
“Change” by Eric Allin

Remember: Next year Wis-Kino is all about Kabarets! We’re forgoing the monthly screenings in favor of more organized, more fabulous, more betterer Kabarets – and THREE of them! There is still to be an open screening at each of the kick-offs, so you can still bring in any film projects you’ve been working on. Keep up-to-date on this and other news right here at our new blog! And be sure to use the Wis-Kino forums to share news, tips, and other info with your fellow filmmakers and film enthusiasts.
Next years’ Kabaret dates are:
March 20-22
July 16-19 (three day Kabaret!)
November 20-22
…and they will all be at Sundance Cinema.

We also have the Wis-Kino 2008 Retrospective screening on January 24th at the Mercury Lounge (on E. Mifflin right downtown, next to the Bartell Theatre). Come enjoy this FREE event and watch some of the films that have been shown over the past year.

Happy Thanksgiving!