Wis-Kino Contacts and Links:

If you would like to be added to the Wis-Kino mailing list (for updates about screenings, etc.), please send an email stating as much to wis.kino.films@gmail.com

Wis-Kino Co-Directors:
Josh Klessig & Emily Mills

Former Directors:
Sam Lawson, Tona Williams, Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda

WYOU Community Television laisons:
Eric Allen, Pamela Hathaway, Roger Bindl

Wis-Kino Elsewhere Online:
Wis-Kino Discussion Forum
Wis-Kino on Myspace
Wis-Kino on Youtube
Wis-Kino related photos on Flickr

One comment

  1. I have a 29 minute documentary I made for WYOU I would like to show at Wis-Kino. Do you need to see it ahead of time.
    I have had almost all my films shown at Wis-Kino in the past and they were well received.

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