About Wis-Kino

“Kino” is the Greek word for “movement” and means “cinema” in German. Born in Montréal in 1998, Kino began as a challenge among the founding filmmakers and their friends to make one short film per month until the year 2000. However, at the end of this period no one wanted to stop. Within a few years Kino had formed into a movement that encouraged filmmakers in groups scattered across Montréal, Western Europe, Russia and Australia to “do well with nothing; do better with little,” and—most importantly—to “do it right now!”

Begun in 2002, Wis-Kino is one of only two Kino chapters in the United States (the other being in Louisville, KY). We hold monthly screenings and a twice-annual “Kabaret” – 48 hour filmmaking challenges that have brought in participants from as far away as Canada, France, and Australia. We invite anyone and everyone with an interest in film to attend, watch, and make films! It’s cheap, fun, and both a great way to meet fellow filmmakers and show your work to an audience on a proper movie screen.

To subscribe to our email update list, just send a note to wis.kino.films@gmail.com asking to be added.

Josh Klessig & Emily Mills
Madison, WI, USA
(608) 852-6373 or (608) 225-0903

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