Wis-Kino is on hiatus

March 29, 2010

Wis-Kino is in hiatus for the year as we decide how to proceed with the group in the future. If you have specific questions you’d like addressed, you can still email us and we will respond. Otherwise, we hope you have a great year and keep making films!

Be sure to check out the Wisconsin Film Festival in April as well.


Kabaret Recap: “Misread Signals”

December 4, 2009

Another successful Kabaret as come and gone, and now as we head into a few months of hibernation and organizational regrouping, we here at Wis-Kino wanted to leave you all with a taste of the films made in just 48 hours for this most recent of our events.

First up, it’s “Rake of the Living Dead” by Nicholas Wootton, who put an autumnal spin on the ol’ zombie flick.

If you made a film for this Kabaret and it’s available online, please drop us a line to let us know so we can include it in an upcoming post! And thanks again to everyone who watched and/or participated in Wis-Kino this year. It’s been a blast. Look for lots of important news about next year coming soon.


Fall Kabaret Ingredient

November 21, 2009

Just a heads up for those out there who were not able to make it to the kickoff, the theme for the 2009 Fall Kabaret is:  Misread Signals.

If you were thinking about bringing a film to the Kabaret on Sunday, you don’t have to worry about not having been at the kickoff last night, just make a short film involving the theme and bring it to the show on Sunday by 7pm and bring the video in DVD video format please.  There is a strict cutoff at 7pm however, so be sure to have your finished film at the theatre by then.

Also, for those non-filmmakers (and filmmakers alike) who are just interested in coming to see the show on Sunday, we have an extra treat.  A block of short films from the Kino Montreal 10th Anniversary screenings will be shown in the second half after the intermission.  They are being shown in the second half because they are somewhat more…shall we say steamy.  The common theme between those films was “erotic situations” and therefore, this last Wis-Kino Kabaret of the year will be just a little bit…naughty.

So remember.  This Sunday evening, at 7pm, at the Sundance Cinema Theatre #2, nice cheap $5 entry fee.

(NOTE:  The Sundance box office sometimes incorrectly lists Wis-Kino as “Sold Out”, however this is likely not the case.  Secondly you do not need to buy tickets at the box office for this screening, just head down to the theatre and we will be there to give you your ticket.)


A chill in the air, a Kabaret in the theatre

November 5, 2009

November 09 Kabaret Poster

Ah, autumn, when a young film maker’s fancies turn to thoughts of, what else, making movies! That’s right, the Wis-Kino Fall Kabaret is at hand, and we want YOU to come out and play!

Our open kick-off screening will be on Friday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m. at Sundance Cinema, in the North Lounge. This will be a chance for everyone to come together and watch whatever short film projects people have been working on in the past year, then to find teams to work on films with, and get the secret ingredient for the Kabaret! So if you’ve got a 5 minute long (or less) film you’d like to show, this is the screening to bring it to. It’s free! We just ask that you bring it on DVD (miniDV is acceptable, too) and stick to the time limit. For anyone wishing to show a slightly longer film, please contact us beforehand at wiskinodirector@gmail.com to make arrangements for us to pre-screen and approve it.

Then we’ll all meet up again 48 hours later on Sunday, November 22 at 7:00 p.m. for the final Kabaret screening in one of Sundance’s big theatres! See your handiwork on the silver screen. All entries must be submitted by 7pm sharp, or they will not be shown. Sorry, thems the rules.

No matter if you just want to watch, or if you want to get involved but have never made a film before, we hope you’ll come on by! For the former, because it’s good entertainment. For the latter, because there’s always a good chance we can get you hooked up with other film makers who need help.

In the meantime, we urge you to make use of the Wis-Kino forums in order to make contact with other interested parties, make plans, ask questions, etc.

We’ll see you soon!

More information about Kabarets here, and screening rules here.


Wis-Kino Summer Kabaret is on its way!

June 25, 2009

Can you feel that? No, not the insufferable humidity, we mean the approach of Wis-Kino’s summer 2009 filmmaking Kabaret! And the reason it feels so amazing is that we’ve expanded the event, for one time only, to run for 72 instead of just 48 hours!

Why? Because Kino is all about collaboration, and we want to give people more time to work on more than one film, with more than one crew. Or heck, just use the extra hours to put a finer polish on your one film. Either way, it’s sure to be a most excellent adventure! (yeah, I said it)

Check out this short film, put together by frequent Kino contributor Roger Bindl, that includes words of wisdom from various Kinoites about the process and why you should join in the fun (plus a really goonie cameo from co-director Emily, who so rudely interrupts someone else’s interview):

Now come on out and play! Details follow:


The Wis-Kino July Kabaret is bigger and better than ever!
Instead of our usual 48-hour affair, we’ve expanded our summer Kabaret to run for 3 days, giving filmmakers more time to work and collaborate on projects. On Thursday, July 16th, we’ll gather at Sundance Cinemas for an open kick-off screening (anyone can bring a short film to show, regardless of theme) at 7:00pm. At the end of the screening, interested filmmakers will pick their “secret ingredient” out of a hat, and then spend the next 72 hours making their movies! Then on Sunday, July 19th, we’ll meet back at Sundance at 7:00pm in one of the big theatres to screen all Kabaret films.

We have a few other surprises in store for this event, so stay tuned! Updates (and rules for submitting films) also available at https://wiskino.wordpress.com/kabarets

What: Wis-Kino’s Summer 72-Hour Kabaret
When: Kick-off screening is Thursday, July 16th at 7:00p.m.; Final screening is Sunday, July 19th at 7:00p.m.
Where: Sundance Cinemas, Hilldale Mall, Madison
Cost: The kick-off screening is free, the Kabaret screening is $5 for everyone (no extra fee for submitting a film)

Summer '09 Kabaret Poster

Summer '09 Kabaret Poster


Spring Kabaret gets bailed out

March 24, 2009

The Wis-Kino Spring Kabaret ’09 has come and gone, but never fear! If you missed this one, or simply cannot get enough of great, short movie-making, come back and check out our 3 day long Summer Kabaret this July 16 – 19. It’ll be an excellent opportunity to work with more than one crew of people on more than one film, or to spend a little extra time on just one project. We’re also hoping to have an official Kino Lab set up for those people who want a central place to meet and edit, etc. (and if you don’t have your own editing gear).

The Spring Kabaret was a smashing success, though, with a packed house greeting both the kick-off and final screenings of the event! Thanks to everyone who came out just to watch, and especially to those brave souls who made a film in just 48 hours! The following is the list of those shorts screened on Sunday:

Thanks, too, go to the Decider (specifically Scott Gordon) for giving the Kabaret a nice write-up.


Spring Kabaret ’09 wants YOU

February 26, 2009


Wis-Kino kicks off its 2009 season with the first of THREE 48-hour filmmaking Kabarets!
Back after a short winters’ nap, Madison’s own micro-cinema collaborative is gearing up to throw the first of the years’ three Kabarets, 48-hour challenges that provide opportunities for both amateur and professional filmmakers to flex their creative muscles. A kick-off screening will be held on Friday, March 20th at 7:00p.m. in Sundance Cinema’s North Lounge. It’s an open screening, meaning that anyone can bring any short film to show (see guidelines). At the end of the night, we’ll sign up everyone interested in participating in the Kabaret and then announce some sort of secret ingredient, an element that must be included in your film to prove that it was made over the next two days.

We will then reconvene for the final Kabaret screening on Sunday, March 22 at 7:00p.m. in one of Sundance’s theatres to show all of the films made over the weekend. This is a great chance to both challenge yourself to make a film quickly with minimal resources, and to show your work on the big screen!

Anyone can help make a film, regardless of experience or skills. Just show up at the kick-off screening and make it known that you’re looking to help out! If you’re not a director/camera person, teams are often still looking for actors, musicians, boom mic operators, extras, techies, and more.

The Details:
WHAT: Wis-Kino Spring Kabaret ’09
WHEN: Kick-Off Screening on Friday, March 20 at 7:00p.m. – Final Screening on Sunday, March 22 at 7:00p.m.
WHERE: Sundance Cinemas, Hilldale Mall, 430 N. Midvale Blvd, Madison, WI
COST: Kick-Off Screening is just $2, Final Screening is $5 (for everyone, including filmmakers – no extra charge to participate).

Questions? Comments? Drop us a line at Wis.Kino.Films@gmail.com