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Wis-Kino is on hiatus

March 29, 2010

Wis-Kino is in hiatus for the year as we decide how to proceed with the group in the future. If you have specific questions you’d like addressed, you can still email us and we will respond. Otherwise, we hope you have a great year and keep making films!

Be sure to check out the Wisconsin Film Festival in April as well.


Fall Kabaret Ingredient

November 21, 2009

Just a heads up for those out there who were not able to make it to the kickoff, the theme for the 2009 Fall Kabaret is:  Misread Signals.

If you were thinking about bringing a film to the Kabaret on Sunday, you don’t have to worry about not having been at the kickoff last night, just make a short film involving the theme and bring it to the show on Sunday by 7pm and bring the video in DVD video format please.  There is a strict cutoff at 7pm however, so be sure to have your finished film at the theatre by then.

Also, for those non-filmmakers (and filmmakers alike) who are just interested in coming to see the show on Sunday, we have an extra treat.  A block of short films from the Kino Montreal 10th Anniversary screenings will be shown in the second half after the intermission.  They are being shown in the second half because they are somewhat more…shall we say steamy.  The common theme between those films was “erotic situations” and therefore, this last Wis-Kino Kabaret of the year will be just a little bit…naughty.

So remember.  This Sunday evening, at 7pm, at the Sundance Cinema Theatre #2, nice cheap $5 entry fee.

(NOTE:  The Sundance box office sometimes incorrectly lists Wis-Kino as “Sold Out”, however this is likely not the case.  Secondly you do not need to buy tickets at the box office for this screening, just head down to the theatre and we will be there to give you your ticket.)


Fall Kabaret in the press

November 26, 2008

The Wis-Kino Fall ’08 Kabaret has garnered a bit o’ local press, and we wanted to share the love with everyone (and say thanks to those reporters who took the time to come check us out).

Student paper the Badger Herald has some info and a photo from the event itself, plus interviews with former Wis-Kino directors (and general ne’r-do-wells) Tona Williams, Aaron Yonda, and Matt Sloan.

The Onion’s new Madison events guide, the Decider, has a good recap of the Kabaret plus a couple of the submitted films (which we’ve also linked in the below post).

For more of the press Wis-Kino has gotten over the years, check out our press page.

And don’t forget about our 2008 Retrospective screening, where we’ll show various films that have screened over the past 12 months of Wis-Kino. It’s free, and it’s on Saturday, Jan. 24th at 8:00pm, at the Mercury Lounge on E. Mifflin St., downtown Madison next to the Bartell Theatre.

View from the projection booth at the Kabaret

View from the projection booth at the Kabaret

(photo by Josh Klessig – see more here)